Midwifery: Bachelor of Health Science

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Approved by the Midwifery Council of New Zealand, AUT’s midwifery degree prepares you for a successful career as a midwife, either as a lead maternity carer (self-employed case loading midwife), or as a hospital midwife. AUT midwifery graduates have the skills to work with women and their families to provide excellent midwifery care, and to understand uncomplicated childbirth.
You will spend more than half of your time in clinical practice, giving you a significant amount of practical experience to become a confident and competent midwife. You complete approximately 2,400 practice hours over your degree; an experience that reflects the real world of midwifery. You also undertake papers in complicated childbirth, neonatal care and babies requiring special care.

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Quick facts

Programme code: AK1035
Level: 7
Points: 480
Duration: 3 years full-time (3 semesters per year*)
Venue: South Campus, and Distance Learning: Northland (Whangarei), Taranaki (New Plymouth)
Fees: General Course fees and Additional fees
Start date: 26 Feb 2018

AUT encourages early application. Places are limited. This qualification will remain open until all places have been filled.

* This 480-point curriculum will normally be offered full time over three years (including Summer School) with options for a period of up to four years.

Entry requirements

Selection criteria

  • Preference will be given to applicants with the highest rank scores and/or evidence of accomplishments in the relevant field
  • Interview may be required
  • One subject from: Classical Studies, Drama, English, Geography, Health Education, History, History of Art, Media Studies, Social Studies or Te Reo Māori or Te Reo Rangatira; and
  • One subject from Biology, Chemistry, Earth and Space Science, Physics, Science


Below is a summary. For a comprehensive overview of the midwifery degree, please refer to the Academic Calendar.

Year 1

Papers this year cover the scientific underpinnings of midwifery and normal childbirth. The eight papers this year include common and midwifery specialist papers.

Papers (core or compulsory)
MIDW501 Professional Frameworks for Midwifery Practice
HEAL507 Health and Environment OR MAOH501 Māori Health, Development and Environment
HEAL504 Lifespan Development and Communication
HEAL506 Knowledge Enquiry and Communication
HEAL505 Human Anatomy and Physiology I
HEAL609 Human Anatomy and Physiology II
MIDW502 Developing Midwifery Practice
MIDW603 Lactation and Breastfeeding
MIDW604 Art and Science of Midwifery I
MIDW609 Midwifery Practice for Normal Birth I
HEAL610 Methods of Research & Enquiry

Year 2

You will further your understanding of the art, science and practice of midwifery and pharmacology. Papers will also explore complications of childbirth, the newborn with special needs, women’s health and factors that impact on midwifery. These skills and knowledge prepare you for professional practice.

Papers (core or compulsory)
MIDW605 Art and Science of Midwifery II
MIDW606 Midwifery Practice for Normal Birth II
MIDW607 Midwifery Practice and the Normal Neonate
MIDW608 Womens Health Assessment And the Midwife
MIDW703 Complicated Childbirth
MIDW704 Midwifery Practice and the Neonate with Complications
PHMY701 Pharmacology for Professional Practice
MIDW602 Midwifery Practice for Women with Complications of Childbirth
MIDW702 Medical Conditions and the Childbirth Continuum 


Year 3

You will spend 80 percent of your time in practice placements with lead maternity carer midwives (self-employed case loading midwives) in the community and in primary and secondary maternity hospitals.

Papers (core or compulsory)
MIDW702 Prescribing and Legislation for Midwives
MIDW705 Childbirth Complexities
MIDW706 Complexity and Diversity in Midwifery Practice
MIDW707 Integrating Midwifery Practice I
MIDW708 Integrating Midwifery Practice II
MIDW709 Transition to Practice
HEAL607 15-Point Special Topic
HEAL706 15-Point Special Topic
MIDW610 Clinical Project

Te Ara Hauora Māori papers

Students who wish to seek careers with a Māori development perspective, should select the following four papers as electives or as an alternative course of study.

MAOH501 Māori Health, Development and Environment
MAOH701 Māori Health Promotion
MAOH702 Applied Primary Māori Mental Health
HEAL710 Utilising Supervision in Practice

We will support Te Ara Hauora Māori students to form relationships with Māori health providers, industry stakeholders and communities, and AUT Māori staff and students.

Career opportunities

Midwives work in the areas of pregnancy, childbirth and the first six weeks after childbirth. They are employed in public hospital services, or set up in practice as a self-employed midwife in the community.

Graduates and students of health science

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