Sabrina Seeler

Sabrina Seeler

Doctor of Philosophy candidate

Ever since Sabrina Seeler completed a semester at AUT during her master's degree, she has wanted to return to New Zealand.

"AUT was my first choice for my PhD – actually the only application I sent out. In my field of interest much research has been carried out in the English-speaking world so I wanted to do my PhD in an English-speaking country. Besides, New Zealand is a stunning country and a place where I want to spend more time," says Sabrina who completed her bachelor's and master's degrees in England and her native Germany.

Support and resources
As an international student, Sabrina has found the extensive research resources available at AUT very impressive.

"I was, and still am, very impressed by the university, the great and encouraging people working here, the support delivered on different levels and most importantly for me – the library.

"I still remember the moment I first checked the search engine of the library. I couldn't believe the huge number of books in my field and also having access to online databases, including a wide range of journals," she says.

For her Doctor of Philosophy, Sabrina is researching tourism management, with aspects of consumer behaviour and behavioural sciences.

"The overall aim of my research is to define the term "experienced tourist" and to look at the influence of past experience on future travel behaviour and destination choice. I've travelled a lot in my life, but came to realise that a simple term like "experience" is sometimes used without having a clear understanding. Some of my friends would say they are experienced travellers but have never left Europe, so are they really experienced?

"My motivation is to contribute to the research gaps, and support destination management organisations in future strategic decisions," she says.

A great start
Sabrina feels that AUT is the right environment in which to study. A highlight for her was being awarded a Vice-Chancellor's Doctoral Scholarship, which has helped support her in her studies.

"I would clearly recommend AUT. There is an amazing support system and great lecturers. My previous study at AUT was an amazing experience and definitely an advantage for my professional and academic career. I feel privileged that I was able to return here for my doctoral degree."

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