Bachelor of Arts (Event Management)

ST Paul Precinct

Event management students play their part in Artweek

As part of their Event Production paper, Bachelor of Arts in Event Management students were involved in Artweek Auckland at more than 100 venues across the city.

Third-year student, Danielle Walker-Holt has assisted contemporary artist Tiffany Singh in the set-up and display of her work (pictured). The installation is a Food for Art project, where members of the public are encouraged to trade food items for individuals/ families in need, in exchange for a beeswax sculpture, donated by sustainable honey firms.

Student roles for the event include the management of volunteers, co-ordination of the launch and social media activation; giving students valuable industry experience and skills. 
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A Bachelor of Arts will help you understand and interpret society, from individuals to entire cultures. You could understand the mind of a criminal, engage in human rights advocacy, or learn to plan events that make a real difference. You can even do a double major if you are interested in more than one subject. If you want to pursue the subjects that fascinate you most, enrol in the Bachelor of Arts. Watch this video for a glimpse of what your day could look like.

A great event can generate positive publicity, create loyal clients and leave lasting memories. A great event also takes hard work. Event management involves the planning, organisation and management of events.

Working in event management requires an eye for detail and the ability to work across diverse areas including sport, leisure, design, sound, theatre, dance, music, project management, financial management, leadership, human resource management, logistics management, public relations and communication.

This major prepares you for professional careers in the event management industry and helps you develop an understanding of the role of event management in society, in a corporate environment, and recognises its importance to economic development.

Throughout your studies you plan events of various sizes and genres, including social events, conferences, trade shows, entertainment events, sports and leisure activities and arts, ethnic and cultural events.

You also explore how to prepare management plans, create contracts and write plans that enable stakeholders to evaluate their experience against pre-planned objectives. You can also include papers from related disciplines including marketing, public relations, hospitality and tourism, psychology, languages, sport and recreation, business and Māori development.

Programme details

Programme code: AK3704
Level: 7
Points: 360
Duration: 3 years full-time / Equivalent part-time
Venue: City Campus
Start date: 26 February 2018 / 16 July 2018

Career opportunities

A Bachelor of Arts in Event Management will equip you with the critical thinking and the skills to enable to you flourish in a wide range of exciting careers, including: 

  • Advertising
  • Conference organisers
  • Entertainment industry
  • Event employees in local authorities
  • Event manager/assistant manager
  • Event marketing
  • Festival management
  • PR and communications
  • Sport, recreation and leisure
  • Trade show organiser.

Entry requirements

Structure and content

This major gives you the opportunity to study a wide range of disciplines related to the event management field, e.g:

  • Psychology
  • Languages
  • Dance
  • Sport and recreation
  • Business
  • Public relations
  • Marketing
  • Māori development
  • Hospitality and tourism.

A highlight in your third and final year of study is the Co-operative Education placement which is a semester-long placement in an organisation related to event management.

You learn in the workplace while undertaking a related programme of study. You will apply classroom theory to real situations and challenges. Projects you can undertake include competitor analysis, social media networking and promotion, event planning and execution, post-event evaluation, event design and marketing.

Additional majors and/or minors

If you undertake the Bachelor of Arts, you may choose a second major, either from those available within your degree (double major) or from the list of additional majors from other degrees. Minors are also available in these subjects.

The availability of additional majors and minors will depend on timetabling and some subject restrictions, and in some cases, choosing an additional major or minor may require students to undertake extra points to complete their degree.


Core BA papers

DIGM550 Applied Media 1
CLSY504 Knowledge and Inquiry
COMM570 Academic Communication
CLSY703 Work Integrated Learning

Event  Management papers
EVNT601 Event Planning
EVNT602 An Event Perspective
EVNT603 The Event Design Experience
EVNT701 Event Production
EVNT702 Contemporary Issues in Event Management
FINA502 Finance for Hospitality, Tourism and Events: A Practical Approach
MGMT721 Leadership Principles, Perspectives and Practice
TIKA501 Noho Marae Wānanga A
TIKA502 Noho Marae Wānanga B

Fees information

To find out about student fees for programmes, see the fees information page.

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