Bachelor of Arts (Culinary Arts)

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Students end their culinary journey on a high

Final year Bachelor of Arts in Culinary Arts students hosted Food for Thought, a culinary event celebrating food in all its glory.

The dinner, a 5-course degustation, took diners on a culinary adventure whilst making a thought provoking statement with each dish served.

The event was also a celebration of how the cohort have grown from novice foodies to career ready chefs. View more photos of the event below.

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The culinary arts domain has evolved dramatically over the last three decades with increased technology, media exposure and migration, giving rise to increasingly critically conscious consumers and restaurateurs. Culinary arts students must learn to think critically and become business trendsetters to succeed in this rapidly changing environment.
  • This major is the only culinary arts degree in the New Zealand university sector. It emphasises practical and professional skills combined with artistic and aesthetic concepts, while applying the underpinning knowledge of food science.
  • It is designed to equip you with a high level of specialised contemporary knowledge, skill and autonomy to achieve success in this exciting and diverse industry.

This programme will appeal to:

  • Students with a passion for food.
  • Students who are resourceful, adaptable, self-motivated, who work well in a team and who are committed to continually develop themselves both personally and professionally.
  • Students who are coming directly from secondary school.
  • Students who have stair-cased through the current diploma programme and who want to embark on a degree level course with a particular focus on culinary arts.
  • Those already in industry who wish to enhance their knowledge base, skills and career prospects through an undergraduate degree.

Programme code: AK3704
Level: 7
Points: 360
Duration: 3 years full-time / equivalent part-time
Venue: City Campus
Start date: 26 February 2018 / 16 July 2018

Career opportunities

  • Professional chef
  • Artisan food producer
  • Owner/operator small business
  • Product developer
  • Food and beverage manager
  • Food stylist
  • Teacher
  • Consultant

Entry requirements

Structure and content

The Bachelor of Arts (Culinary Arts) degree is an advanced professional culinary degree designed to staircase you from fundamental culinary techniques and customs to advanced theoretical concepts in technology, food science and ethics integral to culinary arts. It is designed to develop your creativity and critical thinking; important skills for culinary arts professionals.

It is designed to equip you with a high level of specialised contemporary knowledge, skill and autonomy to achieve success in this exciting and diverse industry.

Because this major is part of the Bachelor of Arts, you have the flexibility to undertake majors, minors and electives in a number of related disciplines which may include food science, social sciences, hospitality, tourism, events management and business subjects, including strategic management, human resource management and marketing.

The practical side of this programme involves learning to use commercial kitchen tools and equipment to a professional level, requiring students to demonstrate a level of awareness and skill that does not compromise any health and safety standards. 

Year 1

This year establishes a practical, theoretical and historical awareness of culinary arts as a discipline and as a commercial practice.

It introduces concepts and methods of sensory appreciation and enables students to engage with current discussions concerning culinary arts culture. During this year you will choose a single major, minor or a double major to study in your second year.

Year 2

Papers cover culinary nutrition and ethics along with a practical paper on creative contemporary culinary techniques. These will be complemented with core BA papers on research and analysis and communication. In this year you will begin your first electives for your minor or second major.

Year 3

You will study the sociology of food or global gastronomic heritage and food industry legislation and culinary leadership, as well as advanced papers in your chosen electives, major or minor.

The capstone paper in the second semester, called Advanced Culinary Events, involves creating an event. This practical experience helps you build further skills for the workplace and consolidate your decision on your professional career after graduation.

Core papers

COMM570 Academic Communication: Conventions and Expectations
CLSY500 Culture and Society
CLSY504 Knowledge and Inquiry
CULN795 Advanced Culinary Showcase

Culinary arts papers

CULN510 Professional Culinary Arts
CULN511 Commercial Culinary Practice
CULN602 Contemporary Cuisine in Aotearoa
CULN603 Nutrition and Wellbeing
CULN702 Food Ethics and Sustainability
FOOD501 Food and Senses
GAST601 Gastronomy
MGMT721 Leadership Principles, Perspectives and Practice
SOSC701 Sociology of Food

Additional majors and minors

If you undertake the Bachelor of Arts, you may choose a second major, either from those available within your degree (double major) or from the list of additional majors from other degrees. Minors are also available in these subjects.

Further study

For those interested in further study, the BA Culinary Arts would provide entry for postgraduate study to the Master of Gastronomy and at other international providers of culinary arts and gastronomy, including the Institute Paul Bocuse, (France), Culinary Institute of America, (USA) and the University of Adelaide (Australia).

Fees information

To find out about student fees for programmes, see the fees information page.

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