Samira Kakh

Samira Kakh

Doctor of Philosophy student

Doctoral study is never an easy feat, even less so if you're writing your doctoral thesis in another language. So how do international doctoral students in New Zealand develop their academic writing skills in English? That's the interesting topic of Doctor of Philosophy student Samira Kakh, who is an international student herself.

"I'm interested in exploring how international doctoral students develop writing skills in a language they are in the process of learning. Especially without formal instruction in academic writing."

She feels excited that her research has highlighted an area in need of further investigation, Samira says.

"The more I investigate and interview international students, the more I feel sure of the usefulness of my research."

Returning to study
Before coming to AUT, Samira completed her undergraduate degree in her native Iran, followed by postgraduate study in Malaysia.

"I had already completed a doctorate but I still had some questions I wanted to find answers for. I then came across a book written by AUT's Professor John Bitchener, and decided to email him and discuss my passion. This then led to me coming to AUT to undertake my PhD.

"Thinking about the contribution my research will make has kept me motivated to undertake another PhD," says Samira who was awarded an AUT Vice-Chancellor Doctoral Scholarship to undertake her research.

Challenging yourself
She says studying for a doctorate can be an arduous journey but it's worth it if you have a passion for learning and discovery.

"There are supervisors, advisors, librarians and many other people to assist you throughout your doctoral study, but it is a journey you travel alone. It can be a difficult journey, but it is amazing."

She has particular praise for the AUT library staff, Samira says.

"My biggest challenge has been finding sources for my research, but the AUT librarians are extremely resourceful."

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