Centre for Creative Writing

Paul Mountfort.

AUT's Centre for Creative Writing is unique in the Auckland region as a dedicated space for tertiary-based creative writing. Located in the cultural heart of Auckland overlooking Albert Park, the Centre is a dynamic environment where candidates can develop, articulate and position their work for creative industries at home and abroad.

As with similar programmes worldwide, we recognise that any category of writing – not just 'high literature' but biography, travel writing, children's stories, narrative journalism, even academic writing – can be creative.

We encourage excellence in the traditional literary genres of fiction, poetry and drama, but also in the full range of contemporary popular genres.

Are you sitting on a novel, or perhaps a play or screenplay, a swag of short stories, poems, the lyrics to an album, or a graphic novel? We offer mentorship for high quality multi-modal productions as well as productions solely for print.

We also encourage the use of new media for online publication and performance, in recognition of the continuing shift in the balance of power from the page to the screen.

The Centre offers one of the most open and exciting learning environments around for participants to pursue their ideas and turn them into realities. It also provides multiple study pathways and the opportunity to gain advanced qualifications while performing a variety of creative genres or media.

So, come join us and rewrite the script.

— Dr Paul Mountfort, Chair, Centre for Creative Writing 

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