Science qualifications at AUT

This page has links to the full range of AUT science qualifications including a certificate, a diploma and bachelor's, master's and doctorate degrees in sciences. 

Sciences pre-degree qualifications

With a qualification at certificate or diploma level you will gain a solid foundation in science and you will be able to gain entry into AUT's Bachelor of Science.

Certificate in Applied Science
Diploma in Applied Science

Sciences undergraduate degrees

Studying at undergraduate level in the Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science opens up a wide range of options for your future career. We offer ten majors/pathways in the Bachelor of Science and seven specialisations in the Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science.

Bachelor of Science

Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science
Graduate Diploma and Graduate Certificate in Science

Sciences postgraduate degrees

Studying sciences at a postgraduate level will increase your expertise in your specialist area and give you an important advantage in today's competitive job market. We have a range of postgraduate degrees both with and without research thesis components, and many exciting research projects available for students.


Medical Laboratory Science

Master's and Doctoral

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