Our Graduates

Amanda Barnes

“The Certificate in Personal Training was recommended to me by a friend who had completed it several years ago and working successfully in the fitness industry as a PT, gym manager and boxing coach. Choosing AUT was an easy decision - I wanted a university-delivered, credible certificate that would carry weight against other NZ based PT certifications and also internationally. I wanted to be able to immerse myself in an environment that is rife with other well established sports/health and wellbeing professionals. AUT is world renown as an extremely credible, well esteemed sports science education provider, from theory to practice.

"I currently have several roles that have arisen in part out of my PT certification. At present my primary income is from my role as manager of Jetts 24/7 Fitness Gym in Takapuna, a role I obtained following the PT certificate. I also work as a PT out of a private studio in Albany, and am beginning to take on a small caseload of PT clients at Jetts Takapuna.  Additionally, I have started up my own private PT/yoga/health coach business, and I teach several yoga classes a week, and offer private health and nutrition coaching, following completion of a yoga teacher certification at the end of 2014 and additional health coach education delivered by a private company called Generation Health throughout 2015.

If you really want to make your PT career work, you need to be prepared to sacrifice a lot of time in the beginning, and also be prepared to muck in and start from the bottom. Stay humble and do not expect big bucks to just roll in. You often have to work unsociable hours, and need to make yourself be okay with early mornings, late nights and weekend work.“

Josh Randall

"I chose AUT because the university has an excellent reputation in the fFitness industry. I run a fitness testing battery on all of my clients. I pre-screen them and design periodised programmes that are tailored to suit their particular needs. AUT has helped me to design effective, science-based exercise programmes. My advice for future students is: finish the course. Don’t give up. It took me ten years but I didn’t quit! The staff at AUT are amazing and the course is in my opinion the gold standard in the industry." 

Sarah Carpenter

"I’m a personal trainer at Les Mills and I’ve been working as a personal trainer since I passed the course. I enjoy the variety of interesting, fun and motivated people that I get to work with each day, both clients and other trainers. I love it when clients start seeing results, and feeling better about themselves and knowing that I helped them to achieve that in some small way.

I still study my folders quite a lot as there is a wealth of information in them that even though I thought I understood at the time now makes much more sense in a practical environment.

This is a fantastic course with truly passionate and inspirational instructors who deliver the course in a clear and concise format whilst supporting you every step of the way. If you have any hesitations put them to one side and go for it – this course might just change your life for the better."

John White

“AUT has a strong leading reputation in the industry. I’m currently working for On the Baseline as an exercise consultant/coach. I provide group fitness instruction, fitness testing and tennis coaching. I enjoy people finding change and helping people to find that change. My advice for future AUT students is to soak up as much info as possible – ask the lecturers the hard questions. Make sure you understand them before you move on as it is fast paced learning, and network with co-students so when you graduate you can help each other.” 


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