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Body composition/anthropometry is the science of the measurement of the human body.

While there are many different methods to measure body composition, taking physical measurements from individuals, such as skinfolds and muscle girths, still offers one of the most accurate and user friendly ways of tracking an individual's body composition.

The measurement of body composition has many practical uses including the monitoring of fitness goals and nutritional status, the growth of children, as well as sports performance assessment and even in the design of equipment and clothing.

Personal trainers working in the fitness industry, strength and conditioning coaches working with sports teams, dieticians working in public health, or sport and exercise science researchers would benefit from learning body composition/anthropometry.

AUT’s body composition/anthropometry courses are taught by highly qualified internationally qualified instructors who have many years experience teaching, researching and providing anthropometry services to the general public, as well as hundreds of athletes from a range of sports.

 The body composition/anthropometry courses are taught at AUT Millennium.


AUT’s intensive short courses follow the standards outlined by the International Society for the Advancement of Kinathropometry (ISAK).
 Becoming ISAK accredited will ensure that you’re offering your clients and athletes the highest level and most accurate service.

*International students may have additional fees

Students can enrol online for:

Body Composition Assessment (Anthropometry 1)
Body Composition Assessment (Anthropometry 2)
Body Composition Assessment (Anthropometry 3)

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